Wizer.me is a free and user-friendly tool specifically developed to assist teachers in creating interactive worksheets online. It offers a convenient way to find relevant materials and customize them according to individual needs. Teachers can incorporate various question types, images, videos, and recording directions into their worksheets. Additionally, they have the ability to share the digital worksheets with other teachers and track student performance.

The platform seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom, simplifying the process of sharing worksheets with students. It can be accessed across devices through a browser window or via the app on smartphones and tablets, ensuring flexibility and convenience for users.

Recommended Level/ Class/ Domain

All levels

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • Design customised interactive digital worksheets to engage students online while offering integration with Google Classroom or publish online.
  • Make worksheets fun through unique question types like multiple choice, video, audio or puzzle.
  • Create autograded worksheets.
  • Insert time frame for students to solve the worksheet using the timer feature.
  • Assist audio teaching instructions and audio student answers


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