Resources for Learning

Everything you need to know to start teaching with EdTech resources at ALL BSS Schools

Beaconhouse has a well-defined infrastructure to support learning with technology. By integrating technology into the curriculum teachers provide students with increased academic opportunities that help them improve their learning.  The adoption of technologies should be done keeping in view not the tools merely but how utilising a particular range of technologies help the school expand the academic environment to improve academic excellence and grow digital competence of students as well as teachers in using the tools to optimize learning and reach the impactful, meaningful tech integration.


Adopting an effective, system wide technology strategy, drives success and enables growth and development at schools. Using Google Workspace ( G Workspace) productivity tools as key education tools, we can dispose of overcomplicated or outdated technology strategy and deliver results that simplify and reduce complexity, minimise expense, create smooth operational flows and spark interest in the users. Moreover, by setting boundaries with technology we can connect more meaningfully with others and create the time and space we need to become more creative and productive. By selecting G Workspace tools as prime digital tools we can:

  • Boost productivity and operational efficiency while slashing our IT spend.
  • Work flawlessly within the Google ecosystem.
  • Communicate and collaborate efficiently (from anywhere, anytime, on any device) using secure Google tech landscape.
  • Utilise the digital infrastructure to its fullest potential for optimised learning and achieving academic goals.
  • Avoid technology overwhelm that leads to cognitive overload and prevents learning.

Below is a range of G Workspace tools and some assistive technologies (ATs) that teachers are advised to use for designing instructional content and support active engagement and effective learning in their F2F and online classrooms. These tools are found compatible with existing infrastructure and comply with company policy and vision on using digital technology for curriculum implementation at schools. Teachers and students must use their Google or account to login to these tools.

Important Note!

At Beaconhouse, we encourage teachers, students and management staff, to use approved tools and technologies shared on this website, for an enhanced experience of teaching and learning, and other administrative tasks.