FAQs for Parents

The information provided is intentionally broad, and it may not address every issue or question that arises in a specific course. There may be exceptional situations that arise and cannot be predicted. We are in close contact with the authorities for any further action and updates. You may reach out to us on the BSU helpline number 042-111-277-111 or email at feedback@bh.edu.pk by mentioning your child’s student ID number e.g. 3200000244341.

What is BSU?

Beaconhouse Schooling Uninterrupted (BSU) is an online platform to ensure continuity in the education of your child during this switch from the physical school to the online school.

How do I access BSU?

You can access BSU through https://bsu.beaconhouse.net/. Enter your child’s email address (abc@beaconite.edu.pk) and password to access the class.

Who do I contact if I am facing a technical problem?

You may call the BSU helpline number (021) 111-277-111 or email at feedback@bh.edu.pk for all technical problems.

What is the expectation from my child so that his/her learning is not interrupted?

The child should:

  • Log in to the Google classroom daily a
  • Access BSU under adult supervision
  • Interact with the teacher and fellow students for queries related to the assignment.
  • Take assignments seriously and submit them on time

Who do I contact if I am facing a  problem with the understanding of the task?

Your first point of contact is your child’s teacher and the head of your child’s school.

What will be the frequency of real-time online interaction between the teachers and my child?

For real-time online interaction, teachers will hold live online sessions according to the requirement of the task only. These sessions may be with the whole class or with individual students as per the requirement of the task. Schedule and agenda of the live sessions will be shared with students, before time.

How much time is my child expected to spend on BSU activities?

For Early Years and Lower Primary, parents are expected to spend not more than an hour for interactive activities/hands-on activities with the child daily. For Upper Primary and Middle school, the students are expected not to work more than four hours daily. (inclusive of online live session and task assigned for the day)

How much time will the teachers take to mark or comment on my child’s submitted assignment? 

They will give feedback on the submitted assignments within 2 working days.

What if my child does not submit homework on time?

BSU has been set up so the children’s learning is not interrupted.  However, in order to ensure the maximum benefit through BSU, children are encouraged to take the task completion seriously. This will also help them to become responsible for their learning, leading to coverage of the syllabus simultaneously. If the child is unwell please note that late submission is acceptable.

How can I collect evidence of my child’s learning? (For Early Years Parents only)

You can collect evidence of learning by recording a video of your child. The video should not be more than one minute long. It can also be in the form of photographs, pieces of written work uploaded, etc.

How are the parents expected to manage with more than one child and with one machine? 

Most of the online schooling at BSU is through prerecorded lessons and videos which can be viewed at any time of convenience. In case there is a clash in the timing of the live online session, the teacher will upload the instructions about the topic/unit in Google Classroom for students. Students presence is required for the live sessions. For Early Years: Videos are made to complement the daily activities along with the task of the day.

What sort of indoor P.E activities have been suggested for the students?

Several indoor P.E activities have been suggested for the students to keep them energized and active indoors. These activities do not require any gear or equipment and can easily be done in small spaces.

When is the summer vacation going to begin this year and will my child get any homework? 

The summer break is going begin from April 23, 2020 – 31st May 2020 and the students will not be assigned any  homework

What support is available to students whose families have moved to their native towns and they have no availability of internet?

Students whose families have moved to their native towns can use the internet through mobile phone data and can access the student’s Google Classroom using the student app.