Toddle facilitates collaboration among instructors in curriculum development, assessments, and progress monitoring. It also offers students the opportunity to document their learning journey through a wide range of multimedia formats including images, videos, drawings, and voice notes. These portfolios seamlessly integrate with progress reports and assessment modules, providing a comprehensive view of student development.

 Additionally, Toddle empowers students to set their own goals, promoting self-reflection and autonomy in their learning process.

Recommended Level/ Class/ Domain

TNS N-5 Only

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • Real-time Collaborative Planning.
  • Engage students, track individual learning journeys, and create visual progress reports and other analytics.
  • Collaboratively collect authentic evidence in line with IB requirements.
  • Communicate and share student learning and happenings with parents.
  • Portfolios tool (photos, videos, & more), student self-evaluation & goal-settings.


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