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Beaconhouse Way Forward for A Level Students
18 August 2023 Beaconhouse is aware of the concern following the recent release of the AS and A Level results. Changes in grade boundaries and equitable grade calculations have been largely attributed to the impact of the pandemic. We are cognizant of the distress experienced by our students, particularly those who were not able to [...]
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CAIE Exemptions for May/June Exam 2022
Dear Parents, This year continues to pose challenges in the form of new variants of COVID and our students, parents and staff getting affected by the same. This letter aims to explain how Cambridge International has planned to administer the May/June 2022 exam series. It also addresses the steps taken by Beaconhouse to ensure students [...]
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Teaching of Holy Quran Translation in Punjab

Dear Parents,   This is to inform you that in compliance with the Punjab Compulsory Teaching of the Holy Quran Act 2018 (Act XVII of 2018), translation of The Holy Quran will be taught from Classes 6 – 12 in all schools across Punjab. The translation script has been approved by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook […]

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Student Agreement for Technology Use and Digital Communication 

This technology user agreement describes the terms and conditions which a Beaconhouse student must follow for technology use and digital communication. Students must read this agreement before login to their Google classrooms.

Section I:  Login Etiquettes & Safety Measures
When I will use digital technologies I will protect my personal information and of others. This means I will:
  • not share my full name, photo, birthday, address, phone number, and any other personal information on online platforms.
  • protect my friends’ full names, birthdays, school names, addresses, and phone numbers because this is their personal information.
  • remember not to share information about others. 
  • protect my password and will not share it with anyone except my parents.
  • only join online spaces with my parents or teacher’s guidance and permission.
  • speak to a trusted adult (parent/guardian) if I find someone is sending threatening or annoying messages to me online.  
  • notify my teacher or parent of any unauthorized use of my password or account or any other breach of security.
Section II: Communication Etiquettes 
When I will use digital technologies I will communicate respectfully and responsibly. This means I will:
  • always think and check that what I write or post is polite and respectful.
  • be kind to my friends and classmates and think about how the things I do or say online might make them feel.
  • never send or forward mean or bullying messages to other people.
  • create and present my own work, and if I will copy something online, I will let my audience know the source by sharing it to acknowledge the creator.
  • never search for something offensive, profane, threatening, or obscene.
  • follow network etiquettes while chatting and communicating using the internet.
Section III: Data & Device Security
When I use digital technologies I will ensure my device and data safety. This means I will:
  • use websites that are authentic and appropriate, and if I am not sure I will ask a trusted adult for help.
  • never share or upload inappropriate text, photos or images on social media apps and websites.  
  • turn off or close the window/screen if I see something I don’t like and report to a trusted adult. 
  • remember to safely log out from my account on a website and turn off the computer after use. 
  • never try to install any content or application myself on the computer or any other electronic device from an unauthentic source or publisher. 
Section IV: Accept to be Aware and ResponsibleHit the ‘Accept’ button to indicate that you have read and understood the technology user agreement and agree to: 
  • act smartly, safely, and responsibly when using digital technologies at home or school.
  • present yourself as an ethical user of digital technologies.
  • face the consequences if you choose not to follow the e-safety rules or behave irresponsibly.