Google Sites is a user-friendly web page creation tool that can be a valuable resource for educators looking to create websites for their classrooms or other educational purposes. Google Sites makes it easy for educators to create and customize web pages without needing any programming skills.
As part of the Google Docs Editors suite, Google Sites integrates seamlessly with other Google tools such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, which can be incredibly useful for educators. For example, educators can use Google Forms to create surveys or quizzes and embed them directly into their Google Sites pages.
Additionally, Google Sites is accessible through any web browser, making it easy for educators and students to access and collaborate on their sites from anywhere with an internet connection.

Recommended Level /Class/Domain

  • Students (all levels)
  • Staff

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • Create a webpage for the class to include course materials and rich content including videos, images, slides, and audio recordings
  • Use it for posting homework, assignments, and class events
  • Use it as a discussion board
  • Create a page for posting announcements , class events, reading materials, and rules.
  • Use it as a wiki for students to work collaboratively on their assignments and edit content
  • Use the File Cabinet page to upload documents, PDFs and other materials to share with students
  • Embed a calendar to keep track of deadlines or Google Spreadsheet to keep track of research.
  • Create digital portfolios to feature students’ work and achievements
  • Collaborate on group projects


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