Google Forms is an online tool that educators can use to gather feedback, assess their students’ understanding of a topic, and create quizzes, etc. Google Forms also allows for real-time collaboration; teachers can easily work with colleagues or students to create and edit forms together.
It enables educators to assess their students’ knowledge at the beginning of a lesson or unit. This pre-assessment can help teachers understand their students’ pre-existing knowledge, which can inform their instructional decisions. Additionally, Google Forms provides teachers with valuable insights into their students’ learning and can be used to monitor progress throughout the course of a unit or semester. Overall, Google Forms is an excellent tool that helps educators gather feedback, assess student understanding, and monitor progress effectively.

Recommended Level /Class/Domain

  • Students (all levels)
  • Staff

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • Design auto graded quizzes.
  • Design and share exit tickets/bell ringer to gather responses.
  • Create surveys and quick polls for gathering data.
  • Design flipped classroom assessment.
  • Create tests and assignments to support formative / summative assessment.
  • Sharing reflections.
  • Sign up / Sign-out sheets.
  • Peer support review tasks.
  • Review and reinforcement of a topic/ concept.


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