Screencastify is a robust Chrome browser extension that enables users to record, edit, and assign screencasts (screen recordings) of up to 5 minutes in length. This tool is particularly valuable for teachers as it allows them to capture essential online moments, saving time and enhancing learning opportunities in the long term. Teachers can customize and add questions to the screencasts, making them interactive for students.

With Screencastify, users can deliver presentations on multiple websites, with the ability to highlight specific areas on the screen and display their face via webcam in a corner. The recorded videos can be easily shared at a later time as needed.

In summary, Screencastify is a powerful tool that empowers users to create engaging screencasts, facilitating effective communication and enhancing the learning experience.

Recommended Level/ Class/ Domain

All levels

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • Make short video tutorials for students by recording and editing screen captures.
  • Students use short screencasts to reflect on learning and explain processes.
  • Record up to five minutes screencast, presentation or entire screen activity.
  • Share screencasts instantly in Google Classroom.


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