Google Keep is a powerful and user-friendly note-taking and organizational tool designed to assist educators and students in keeping track of their tasks, ideas, and notes.
With features such as voice notes, checklists, color coding, and the ability to add labels, it allows users to stay organized and prioritize their tasks. Additionally, the tool integrates seamlessly with other Google apps, such as Google Docs and Google Drive, making it easy to access and share notes with collaborators.
Overall, Google Keep is an excellent tool for managing and keeping track of notes and tasks in an educational setting.

Recommended Level /Class/Domain

  • Students (all levels)
  • Staff

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • Schedule meetings and events
  • Send invites
  • Track activities and schedules
  • Create reminders
  • Create goals


Help Links /Video Tutorials

Google Keep: Free Note Taking App for Personal Use
How to use Google Keep