ASC Schedule is a comprehensive scheduling program specifically designed for elementary and secondary schools. It features an automated schedule generator that efficiently constructs school timetables, saving administrators and staff valuable time and effort.
The program utilises advanced algorithms and intelligent scheduling techniques to ensure optimal allocation of resources, including classrooms, instructors, and subjects. It takes into account various constraints and factors such as class size, teacher availability, subject requirements, and facility availability.
ASC Schedule offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the input and management of scheduling data. Administrators can easily enter class rosters, instructor availability, and other relevant information. The program then generates multiple schedule options based on the provided data, allowing administrators to compare and select the most suitable timetable.
In addition to the automated schedule generator, ASC Schedule provides features for optimising resource utilisation and resolving scheduling conflicts. It can identify and address conflicts such as overlapping class times, double-booked teachers, and inadequate room assignments. This ensures a balanced and efficient use of school resources throughout the day.

Recommended Level /Class/Domain

School subscribed account

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • For planning school schedules and timetables.


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