ManageBac is an LMS that aims to enhance education efficiency globally by offering various features. These include improved curriculum building tools and visible analytics for teachers and administrators, convenient access to student work, unit and class calendars, and reporting through our parent and student portals. Additionally, it provides customisable tracking for LMS and service learning for students.

ManageBac serves as a superior alternative to traditional methods such as paper forms, Word documents on shared files, and Excel spreadsheets for coordinators, instructors, students, and parents. It enables teachers to organise projects, activities, and courses to facilitate student collaboration. The platform also helps instructors deliver clear instructions, along with pictures, explanations, and descriptions.

Moreover, students can utilise Google Docs Templates and an annotation tool to add comments and notes to their work.

Recommended Level/ Class/ Domain

IB Schools Only

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • Learning management system – for curriculum planning, assessment, reporting and attendance into one unified platform.


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