Google Earth is an excellent tool for educational purposes as it provides a unique and interactive way for students to learn about geography, history, and the world around them. With access to satellite and aerial imagery, topography, and ocean bathymetry, students can explore the Earth’s features and better understand the concepts being taught in class. Additionally, the three-dimensional globe allows students to see the world from a new perspective and gain a deeper understanding of global issues and challenges. Overall, Google Earth is a valuable resource for teachers and students alike, enabling them to explore and learn about the world in a dynamic and engaging way.

Recommended Level /Class/Domain

  • Students (all levels)
  • Staff

Purpose in Teaching and Learning

  • Teach concepts of geography, climate and geophysics.
  • Study maps and topography
  • create virtual field trips using Google Earth.
  • Create 3D models with Google Sketch-up and bring them into Google Earth.


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